Oracle Siebel CRM Upgrade

Oracle Siebel CRM Upgrade

Siebel CRM Upgrade from 6.x to 7.x or 8.x

Upgrading Siebel to a major release is an exhaustive process and should only be done by carefully selected resources who understand both versions. Before embarking on the technical upgrade functional upgrade needs to be looked at in more detail. An Upgrade involves:

Analysis: It is critical to conduct an assessment of the current software as well as the hardware environment. This is more so if the upgrade involves moving from a older architecture like Siebel 6.x to 7.x or 8.x

All customized code that existed on the GUI layer needs to be moved to business layer. This is required as Siebel 6.X is thick client architecture and 7.x onwards is a thin client. Activation of workflows and other events caused by actions via the GUI should be evaluated. Any customizations, extensions, modifications should be reviewed in the light of new functionality that is out of the box.

Strategy Development: Develop the overall upgrade strategy. This process will include developing project vision, project management approach, methodology, instance strategy, testing strategy, and backup and recovery strategy.

Planning: Develop the overall upgrade project functional impact, user communication, training, change management, and risk mitigation plan.

Upgrade: Understand the current customizations required and new functionalities to be incorporated as part of the new release. Most often the Upgrade can take several months. The more the customizations the more time it takes to convert the code and perform upgrade. If the code is in VB script, it needs to be converted to eScript.

The most critical factor is change in business process. The new interface needs to be re-learned. Old functionalities have to re-aligned with new interfaces and change must be communicated before it is accepted

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